Troubleshooting WPF Datagrid Hide Column Runtime

Troubleshooting WPF Datagrid Hide Column Runtime

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    wpf datagrid hide column runtime

    public: Real Estate Investment System::Windows::Visibility Visibility System::Windows::Visibility get(); set useless(System::Windows::visibilityvalue); ;

    wpf datagrid hide column runtime

    set public visibility System.Windows.Visibility; receive; 
    participant this.Visibility: System.Windows.Visibility with get, set
    Visibility of a public property as visibility

    Property value


    The enumeration value that becomes the visibility column. The default value entered is Visible. See Dependency Property for details on what can affect the value.


    The following example shows how a column’s visibility is determined.

    private empty DG1_AutoGeneratingColumn(object sender, DataGridAutoGeneratingColumnEventArgs e) //Define peak properties during automatic generation Control key (e.Column.Header.ToString()) Theme "Surname": e.Column.CanUserSort = false; e.Column.Visibility = Visibility.Visibility; Pause; Case "name": e.Column.Visibility = Visibility.Visibility; Pause; "Name of the organization": case e.Column.Visibility = Visibility.Visible; Pause; event that "EmailAddress": e.Column.Visibility = Visibility.Visibility; Pause; Initially: e.Column.Visibility equals Visibility.Collapsed; Pause; private empty CheckBox_Checked(ObjectSender, RoutedEventArgs e) // Make each column at the end of the collection visible foreach(DataGridColumn in DG1.Columns) col.visibility = visibility.visibility; private void CheckBox_Unchecked(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) // Get columns from the collection ObservableCollection Columns = DG1.Columns; // Set visibility to support each column so only 4 tooltips are visible foreach(DataGridColumn inside columns) Switch (col.Header.ToString())Persecution "Surname": col.Visibility is equal to Visibility.Visible; Pause; Incident "Name": col.Visibility implies Visibility.Visible; Pause; can be "company name": col.visibility = visibility.visibility; Pause; Case "email address": col.visibility = visibility.visibility; Pause; Initially: col.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed; Pause; Private Sub DG1_AutoGeneratingColumn (ByVal sender as Object, ByVal e as DataGridAutoGeneratingColumnEventArgs) 'Set peak properties during automatic generation Select Case e.Column.Header. to string() Case "surname" e.Column.CanUserSort is false e.Column.Visibility = Visibility.Visibility exit selection case "name" e.Column.Visibility = Visibility.Visibility exit selection Company name field e.Column.Visibility = Visibility.Visibility exit selection Case "email address" e.Column.Visibility = Visibility.Visibility exit selection opposite case e.Column.Visibility=Visibility.Collapsed exit selection come out and selectionend underPrivate Sub CheckBox_Checked (ByVal sender as ByVal object, e as

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