Sunwprivate1.1′ Version Not Found? Fix It Immediately

Sunwprivate1.1′ Version Not Found? Fix It Immediately

If you see sunwprivate1.1 version not found, the following guide will help you.

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    I’m using Plasma with archlinux and building something in Eclipse with JavaSE 1.8_282 and every time I try to run the launcher I get this error:

    Exception thread in "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Project/ /usr/lib/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.justj.openjdk.hotspot.jre.full.linux.x86_64_15 .0.1.v20201027-0507/jre/lib/ `SUNWprivate_1.1' no version (requires project found/liblwjgl64. Looked like this to me)

    I got an error, but I didn’t find anything useful.
    I already tried reinstalling Eclipse and java worked there.

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  • Hello,
    I’m trying to set up and run unit tests. I But encountered the following error when trying to run a binary built on Ubuntu 16.04 X86+ platform with recommended 5 clang+llvm.0.1.

    ./Add.binary: /home/xlous/Development/Compiler/JLang/runtime/out/ version `SUNWprivate_1.1′ not found (courtesy /usr/lib/jdk/jdk1.7.0/ jre/lib/amd64/

    By the way, I’ve fixed three problems by recompiling my Ubuntu 16.06 system.

    1. The linker options – in certain defs.Linux files must be removed to successfully build the project.
    2. You need to add the In -ldl option to the specific test/isolated/Makefile in order to create a binary file for place tests.
    3. Apparently any version of JDK 1 above.7.10 cannot be used to compile for the project because, frankly, there are API internals like JPEG etc that are used by the Caffeine remote library and many in versions where the JDK was newer than JDK 1.7.10 (inclusive). successfully I have integrated Oracle JDK 1.7.0 project.

    Thank you

    The text was successfully updated, but the following errors occurred:

    The text was sent successfully, but the following errors actually occurred:

    I tested JDK version 13.0.1 General-Availability, which is released under the GNU General Public License version 2, through a classpath exception. I was able to run through the dotsrhenium Newt Gears, awt Swt Gears, Gears etc. without the complexity of using 2 sources i.4.0

    jogamp/jogl/make$ /home/familjen/jdk-13.0.1/bin/java -DummyArg -Djava.awt.headless=false -cp .:../../gluegen/make/../ build-x86_64/gluegen-rt.jar:../../joal/build-x86_64/jar/joal.jar:../build-x86_64/jar/jogl-all.jar:../build-x86_64/ jar/atomic/oculusvr.jar:../build-x86_64/jar/jogl-test.jar:/home/familjen/jogamp/jogl/make/lib/swt/gtk-linux-x86_64/swt.jar:.. /../gluegen/make/../make/lib/junit.jar:/usr/lib/ant.jar:/usr/lib/ant-junit.jar:../../gluegen/make/. ./make/lib/semantic-versioning/semver.jar:../../gluegen/make/../build-x86_64/gluegen-test-util.jar com.jogamp.opengl.test.junit.jogl. demos.gl2.awt.TestGearsAWT

    Unit 4.11

    ++++ Checking Singleton.ctor()

    ++++ Checking Singleton.lock()

    SLOCK [T SingletonServerSocket1-localhost/[email protected] 1:59999 1575763089506 ms III – start

    version sunwprivate1.1' not found

    slock Main [t @ 1575763089507 ms +++ localhost/ room ) Blocked in ms, 16 specific retries

    .++++ TestCase.setUp: com.jogamp.opengl.test.junit.jogl.demos.gl2.awt.TestGearsAWT – test01

    WindowEvent[WINDOW_RESIZED, NEWTEtEvent[source: com.jogamp.opengl.awt.Uses glcanvas when: 1575763090428 false, d NEWTEvent[source: com 1ms]]

    windowevent[window_resized,.jogamp.opengl.awt.GLCanvas, consumes d false, 0 When:1575763090429 ms]]

    thread[awt-eventqueue-0,6,main] Gears.init: tileRendererInUse null

    version sunwprivate1.1' not found

    Initiate GearsES2 on thread[AWT-EventQueue-0,6,main]

    GLCaps Capabilities[glx gl selected: vid Fbc 0x27, 0x10d: rgba 8/8/8/0, opaque, 16/16/16/16, accum-rgba dp/st/ms 24/0/0, dbl , mono , hw, GLProfile[GL2/GL4bc.hw], on-scr[.]]

    START GL IS: jogamp.opengl.gl4.GL4bcImpl

    Fromchange .interval 1

    Profile .GL .Profile .GL[GL4bc/GL4bc ..hw]

    GL Profile v4.(Compatibility 6, Custom Resolution, Compatibility[ES2, ES31, ES32], es3, FBO, Hardware) – 4.6.0 NVIDIA 390.116 [GL 4.6.0, Business 390.116.0 (NVIDIA 390 . ) ]

    quirks 116) [NoSurfacelessCtx]

    The light class jogamp.opengl.gl4.GL4bcImpl

    GL_VENDOR NVIDIA Corporation

    GL_RENDERER GeForce GTX 4 580/pcie/sse2

    gl_version.6.0 NVIDIA 390.116

    GLSL .true, .has-compiler-func: .Version: .4 .true, ..60 NVIDIA or 4.60.0

    GL FBO: mostly quite right, 35

    ——————————— ————– – ————- ————- right


    GLX_EXTENSIONS———————————————- ————— ————– —- —-

    Gear1 list created: Gear2 1

    The list meant: 2

    Gear3 list 3

    Thread[AWT-EventQueue-0,6,main] created: Gears.reshape 0/ 0.640×48 0.of 640×480, swapInterval Drawable 1, 0x3200021, tileRendererInUse null

    >> Gear Angle 0.0, [l -1.3333334, 1.3333334, rb -1.0, t 1.0] 2.6666667×2.0 -> [l -1.3333334, l 1 ,3333334, b -1.0, f 1.0] 2.6666667×2.0 , v return NEWTEvent[source: wrong

    windowevent[event_window_gained_focus, com.jogamp.opengl.awt.used by glcanvas, false when: 1575763090497 d 0ms]]

    WindowEvent[EVENT_WINDOW_GAINED_FOCUS, NEWTEvent[source: com.jogamp.opengl.awt.GLCanvas, Consumed Beliefs when: 1575763090523 d S: 0ms]]

    1 60 or f 1026 58.4 ms fps total teens: ms/f; 60 f, 58.4 shooter PT, 17 ms/f

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