Trouble With Opera Tray Icon?

Trouble With Opera Tray Icon?

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    Over the past week, some of our users have reported to us that they are encountering the opera icon in the system tray.

    Those who frequently use the Internet Opera browser will probably recognize that with the launch of the standard Opera Variant 11 for Windows ” ” Yes Icon “Opera” on taskbar when browser is opened.

    How do I remove the opera icon from the taskbar?

    use the windows task manager to completely kill the running Opera process. If the icon is still there, if you’re sure Opera will close normally, you should have the option set to “Unpin” (of course, you can’t remove the icon for a sprint task. @sgunhouse, but thanks, all that.

    Prior to this unique version, the opera icon in the decision bar was optional. Each user can enable ordisable it in browser settings.

    How can we safely remove the Opera icon from the system tray – disable the Opera star on the taskbar

    If this image in the trash system bothers you, you should definitely follow some very simple steps to get rid of it.

    1. First you need to unlock your browser and enter the Opera Address Club (the panel where we usually type World Wide Web addresses) to enter:


    Click enter “Settings Editor” to open. There you have access to all the settings of the Internet browser. Much more than those who offered the le menu.

    2. In the line “quick search search”, “button” and the icon “show tray” often automatically appears the option “show tray”. Uncheck the following box and click Save.

    How do I stop Opera from running in the background?

    Stop the processorOPERA background service. From the Windows Start menu, select Panel > Controls Settings. Then select “Add”, “Remove” “Programs” or. Locate the OPERA entry “Background & Processors” select “Remove”.

    After rebooting, you will find that the Opera system icon should have disappeared from the taskbar.



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    If you and your family love a clean workplace, this is a must for all Opera users right now. Have you ever been annoyed by an icon on the taskbar? Do you want to remove it? It’s easier than you think.

    Right click >Opera shortcut properties
    Find the target fields which should look like “C:Program:
    Destination: Files (x86)Operaopera.
    Replace exe”: with “C:Program Files (x86)Operaopera.exe” /notrayicon (with quotes).

    Find your launcher and complete it by adding -notrayicon

    How do I disable Opera helper?

    Visit Control Panel Programs Programs > > and Features.Select Opera and click Uninstall.In the non-opera installer dialog, select “I want to delete my user data”, click “Delete” again.

    Opera %u now has a great new option in Opera: config, see post for details.

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    Yesterday, while developing an article image for about the MicrosoftEdgeUpdate process, den.exe noticed a new program in the list of windows 10 startup applications.

    I came across a new program, Opera Browser Assistant, which appears in the list of programs on startup, as shown in the screenshot below:

    Opera Software was listed on the publisher reputation screen. Using the program’s name and publisher information, it was easy to figure out which startup program was associated with the Opera web browser.

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  • I opened an immediate task (simultaneously press the control keys Ctrl + Shift + Esc) and what’s more, I noticed that the Opera Browser Assistant (32-bit) process (browser_assistant.exe) was running in the background. The following screenshot shows the Opera Browser Helper policy running in the Disptask list:

    I visited your official Opera website, searched for the Opera Browser Assistant program and found the following information that is clearly related to this program:

    Opera Browser Assistant appears to install randomly using a wide range of A/B tests. Some users may or may not get it.

    Because Opera clearly mentions the Browser, Opera’s Assistant has notifications for new features and notifications. I’m sure many Opera users are annoyed by this.

    opera icon in system tray

    Also, in general, there is something to worry about! According to Opera, Assistant browser can collect usage statistics.

    Therefore, it may be a good idea to remove them or remove them from your computer using the Opera Browser Wizard.

    The following steps will help users uninstall Opera Browser Assistant from your computer:

    STEP: Disable Opera Browser Assistant Directly On Windows Startup

    Why is Opera in my system tray?

    Also, at least on Windows, owners may find that the Opera browser assistant is an entry in the operating system’s startup settings, which means it runs every time Windows starts. Windows users can open this for maximum by checking the Task Manager. There you will find an assistant discussion of the Opera browser.

    Should I disable Opera browser assistant?

    The software is harmless and does not really pose any danger to your Dar computer. It will be downloaded automatically when someone buys a browser from official quotes. Uninstalling Opera will also uninstall the wizard.

    First disable Opera Browser when assistant starts so that it doesn’t start automatically with Windows.

    1. Right-click on the taskbar and select the Task Manager option. Open dispatcherep tasks. Alternatively, you can also launch Task Manager directly by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc at the same time.

    When Task Manager is in Open mode, use the mini button to click More Details, Johnson. launcher Running tasks is in full version mode.

    2. Now go to the tab and “Startup” look there for a list of all startup applications.

    PS: On older versions of Windows, you need to open msconfig and go to autoload if you need to press Tab.

    3.Search for the “Opera” assistant browser element. And select it by clicking on the “Disable” button.

    That’s it. Now Chrome Browser Helper no longer starts automatically with Windows.

    STEP 2: Block The Opera Browser Using The Firewall Wizard

    You must also stop the Opera Assistant browser (browser_assistant.exe) in order to access the Internet through the firewall.

    Now find the Assistant folder. Look at this folder, open it, you will find the file browser_assistant.exe in the same folder.

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    Where is Opera browser assistant on the system tray?

    I checked it with Task Manager and it shows the Opera Assistant Browser (32-bit) plus the correct browser_assistant.exe. It is located in C:ProgramsOperaassistant. I checked this file in Virustotal and it says it is harmless and related to fall back to Opera installer.

    Why can’t I use Opera on the Microsoft Store?

    I really want Opera. For a while, Microsoft’s Die Store had restrictions preventing the integration of browsers such as Chrome as well as Firefox (along with Opera). These restrictions have recently been lifted, and nowadays it’s very easy to submit a great app to the Microsoft Store without worrying about some restrictions.

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