How Can I Fix Kernel Configuration Settings?

How Can I Fix Kernel Configuration Settings?

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    You may encounter an error when specifying kernel configuration options. Coincidentally, there are several ways to solve this problem, which we will discuss a little later. The kernel build file is used to build a good, reliable kernel and, on some platforms, a new set of loadable kernel modules. The kernel configuration file contains a report of kernel options, followed by a long list of device and gadget options.

    What is kernel configuration in Linux?

    The Linux kernel is a C plan compiled and installed by the get program. The make config command adjusts certain kernel configurations and generates the computer files (including the makefile) needed to build and link the kernel. On Linux systems, the kernel source directory is probably /usr/src/linux.

    The current kernel layout will be set file /proc/config file.gz. Change To do this, go to the directory /usr/src/linux as root and enter the following commands:

    zcat /proc/config.gz > .configcreate old configuration

    Trademark oldconfig The command needs the file /usr/src/linux/.config, for example Template for the kernel with current settings. All new styles for your current core will be links interrogates. If file.config does not exist, the standard formation contained in the kernel sources used.

    To organize the core, go to the market /usr/src/linux and enter each command Support setup. The choice gives you often want the kernel to support them. Usually there are two or three options: y, t or m tactics m what is this device is not compiled into the kernel, but filled to the brim unit. The drivers needed to run the circuit must built into the kernel with y. Press Enter to accept the default setting. Configuration readfrom the .config file. Press some extra keys to display temporary help Text about my particular option.

    11.3.1. Command Line Setup

    “menuconfig” is much more convenient configure the kernel. If necessary, install ncurses-development With YAST. Run the kernel config type with the command make menu settings.

    For minor configuration changes, you don’t need to go too far. For all questions. Instead look at the menu to access it specific sections directly. Parameters loaded by default .config file. Upload to another layout, select as well as Enter a file name.

    11.3.2. Configuration In Text Mode

    How do I enable kernel configuration options?

    To configure the kernel, go to /usr/src/linux and enter the appropriate make config command. Select features that should only be supported by the kernel. There are usually at least two or three choices: y, n, or possibly m. m means this Kindle does not compiledirectly into the kernel, but loaded as a functional module.

    If you have the X Window System installed (package xf86) as well as Tcl/Tk (tcl and tk), you can use the command Allow xconfig access to a specific graph User interface due to configuration. If you are not all logged into the X Window system as root enter xhost command + give root Ad access. The default settings will be packed which instantiates .config. How to configuration using make xconfig not really as supported as all other settings path, run the command do oldconfig after purchasing this configuration method.

    11.3.3. Configuration In The System Window

    Chapter 5.Customize And Build

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  • The kernel configuration was stored in a lodge called.config in the top directory of our sourcethe core of the tree. If you tweaked the kernel source a bit, at this point would befile no.config so you need thisCreate. It can always be created from scratch by creating iton the “default configuration” inherited from the running kernel version,or takenkernel version directly from the distribution. We will discuss the first two methodshere and the essence of the last two methods in Href=”ch08 Chapter 8,Kernel tuning.

    The most basic kernel tuning methods usedoconfiguration Method:

    $disk Linux-$Create Configurationmake a settingscripts/kconfig/confarch/i386/Kconfig** Linux kernel configuration*** Code expiration options*Development Request and/or Partial Code/Drivers (EXPERIMENTAL) [Yes/No/?]Yes** General settings*Local serial number – add to kernel version (LOCALVERSION) []Automatically add version information containing version string (LOCALVERSION_AUTO) [Y/n/?]Yes

    config options kernel

    The kernel configuration program works just like any other configuration.option and ask if you want to enable this feature ordo not do it. Usually your choice is only for one optiondisplayed in layout [Y/m/n/?] Capital lettersThe letter is used by default and/or can only be selected critically by pressing EnterKey. Four models:

    Thus, the kernel contains almost two thousand configuration will take a long time to get given specific requests.Luckily, there is a better way to install the kernel:Configuration on the finished configuration.

    config options kernel

    Personally build at the core.


    Where is my kernel config?

    The Linux kernel configuration is, of course, usually located in a useful kernel resource in the file: /usr/src/linux/. tune? It is not recommended to modify this file directly, but you can use one of the following configuration options: make config – Start a style-based Q&A session.

    Leave completely outside the core.


    Create a module that can be loaded on demand.


    Print a short descriptive message and a return request.

    Each kernel version ships with a working “default” configuration kernel. thisThe configuration is mostly based on the specifications of the particular maintainer is this architecture that is considered the best use cases. In a small number of casesthese are simply options used by a specific kernel maintainerhimself for his personal machines. This applies to i386Architecture, default kernel configuration seriously fits somewhereLinus Torvalds uses his machine for development.

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    Configuratie-opties Kernel
    Konfigurationsoptionen Kernel
    Konfigurationsalternativ Kärna
    Núcleo De Opciones De Configuración
    구성 옵션 커널
    Kernel De Opções De Configuração
    Opzioni Di Configurazione Kernel
    Noyau Des Options De Configuration
    Opcje Konfiguracji Jądra